10 Reasons to Visit Murska Sobota

We present 10 of many reasons why the Heart of Pomurje region, the City Municipality of Murska Sobota, is a great place to visit

  1. The pavilion Expano with the Sobota Lake
    It is the largest interactive adventure park in Pomurje! You can experience the spectacular world by the Mura river with the help of innovative technology in the exhibition part of the Expano pavilion.
  1. The City Centre 
    Take a walk along the main street of Murska Sobota and let the magnificent bourgeois buildings with art nouveau decorative elements impress you. On the other hand, you are also invited to explore the remarkable modernist works of the famous architect Feri Novak.
  2. Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot and the Tourist Information Centre 
    In one of the most beautiful buildings in the city centre, which once served as the first savings bank of the southern part of the former Vas County, you can today indulge in authentic Prekmurje delicacies, taste excellent local wines and enjoy the best coffee in the city. While there, do have a glass of the local juice – it’s delicious! In its small shop spoil yourself by choosing other local quality products to take home. 
  3. Fazanerija (“The Pheasant Preserve”)
    Fazanerija is the only larger forest area in the vicinity of the city, which is used for outdoor recreation. It has a trim track, a complex of outdoor swimming pools, a complex of outdoor and indoor tennis courts, and a large football stadium. There are also many routes for walks and hikes, a circular cycling route called The Route of Delight, which combines the city and its surroundings. 
  4. The City Park with the Castle
    The city park is one of the most beautifully preserved castle parks in Slovenia extending over nine hectares and a half. Next to two-hundred-year-old oak trees there is the renaissance castle, a sprawling manor house, which houses the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota and MIKK – the youth centre. The park is revived with numerous social events during the warm months. 
  5. The Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota
    One of the most recognisable regional museums in Slovenia will impress you with its permanent exhibition of the history of the Pomurje region from prehistoric times to the end of the 20th century. The exhibition was awarded by the European Museum Forum (EMF) in 1999. The museum found its permanent home in the impressive castle in the centre of the city park. 
  6. The Evangelical Church with the Martin Luther Tree-lined Walkway
    Situated in the park axis of the Martin Luther Tree-lined Walkway, the Evangelican complex with neo-Gothic Church as the main Lutheran seat in Slovenia connects the city centre with the castle through the Trubar Promenade. It is pleasant to sit under the canopy of the tree-lined walkway and throughout the year there is a varied program organised in it, which pleases visitors of all ages. 
  7. On the Path of Jewish Heritage
    Significant incentive for the urban development of the city more than 150 years ago was the most numerous Jewish community in the Prekmurje region. We recommend a guided tour of the Jewish cultural heritage from the place, where the most beautiful synagogue in Slovenia once stood, past the splendid buildings on the main Slovenska Street and the memorial to A Forgotten Suitcase on the railway station, to the Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of the city. 
  8. The Murska Sobota Gallery and the Mura artwork collection
    The Gallery exhibits many established regional, Slovenian and also international artists. It organises and hosts the European Triennial of Small Sculpture. In the permanent collection, it holds over 680 works of art, paintings, sculptures and works on paper. It organises creative workshops for families with children and young people. Take a walk along Štefana Kovača Street, where the Mura sculptures adorn the city out in the open. 
  9. Bunker
    We recommend the bistro Bunker, dystopian steampunk styled bar-restaurant with fantastic interior design for the coming apocalypse, which serves great burgers and offers a vast global beer menu. Simply the coolest, most fun place for a meal or drink for miles around!


Experience the heart of Pomurje!

Slovenska ulica 41, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

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